The Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show Team™
Celebrating 32 years of Providing Fun Family Entertainment

Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show Team Membership Information

Lake City Skiers Annual  Dues and Requirements

Lake City Skiers Membership

Individual Annual Fee $75 or Family Membership Annual Fee $200


*All members are required to have a valid USAWS Membership

USAWS Membership purchase can be made online HERE

Prices for USAWS Membership:

Active Member (25 and Older) $ 80.00
Under 25 Active Member $50.00
Family Active Member (up to 6) $175.00
Head of household and up to four additional family members (spouse/dependent children age 17 & under) who reside at the same address.

Typical Schedule

Skiing on show nights begins at approximately 5:30 PM.  

  • Monday – Show act practice
  • Tuesday – Home Show
  • Wednesday – Show act practice
  • Sunday – Home Show

The Show Director determines time of arrival. Skiing begins in May and ends in September.

Off-season practices are also held, usually once a week.

Many of our members have water skied professionally within the US and across the world but is not a prerequisite. Beginners are welcome.

There is no age limit to become a member. All members under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian present for all club activities.
Team dues and USAWS Membership must be paid before being allowed to ski.

“Team Dues Scholarship Grants” are available and must be approved by a vote of the board of directors.
Definition of “Qualifying Family Members” – Dependent on your tax return = family
If a skier is not on your tax return as a dependent, they do not qualify for a Family Membership


Team Member Expectations

(may differ for non-skiing support members)

  • Attend shows (2 a week)
  • Attend practices (1-2 a week)
  • Attend tournaments (3 a year)
  • Help set up equipment for shows & practices
  • Help put away equipment after shows & practices
  • Learn new things even how to ski (during “open” ski time only)
  • Positive attitude
  • Serve on a committee (A minimum of 15 hours of service)
  • “Earn” a skiing position in the show (no one is guaranteed a place in the show)
  • Help at all shows, even if you are not yet skiing in the show

Membership Benefits

  • family activity
  • expertise from members to learn new skills
  • new friends across the US
  • use of club equipment including: boats to ski behind
  • USAWS Certified boat drivers
  • costumes to be worn during shows only
  • ropes
  • skis (except swivel & jump)
  • harnesses for doubles and trios
  • jump ramp
  • helmets

If you have any other questions or want to join, please contact the team via the Join button below.
Be sure to include some information about your skiing abilities so we can answer your questions appropriately.

Thank you for interest in joining the Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show Team!